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Forms &

  • Most PDF forms are fillable. Download/open in Adobe Reader.
  • Dept Directory (2/9/24)PDFWORD
  • Annual Post Data Report FormPDF
  • Department Visitation Schedule 2023-2024PDF
  • Department Visitation Schedule 2024-2025PDF
  • Dept Visitation FormWORD
  • Dress Code for Dept-Level EventsPDFWORD
  • Post Mailing AddressesPDFWORD
  • Consolidated Post Report (23-24)PDF
  • Consolidated Chapter Report (to come)
  • Post Dues Transmittal FormPDFWORD
  • Member Data FormPDF
  • Legion Family: Structure/ResponsibilityPDF
  • Protocol/Planning Guide (4/24)PDF
  • Post Compliance Resource (NYS Gaming)
  • Preamble to Legion ConstitutionPDFWORD
  • Dept Constitution and By-laws (2022)PDFWORD
  • Post constitution & by-laws form (’21)PDFWORD
  • County constitution & bylaws form (’21)PDF
  • Dept Commander’s Gift FormPDF
  • Dept pay voucher (updated 2016)PDFWORD
  • Expulsion/Suspension ProcedurePDF
  • Post Officers Certification FormPDFWORD
  • County Officers Certification FormPDFWORD
  • County Committee Chair AppointmentsPDFWORD
  • District Officers Certification FormPDFWORD
  • District Chairman RecommendationsPDFWORD
  • Dept Convention delegate formPDF
  • Dept Convention alternate delegate formPDF
  • PUFL application (link to national)
  • Map of DistrictsPDFWORD
  • Veteran Service Officer ListingPDF
  • National Convention Delegate FormWORD
  • Nat’l Convention Alt. Delegate FormWORD
  • National Convention Guests FormWORD
  • RFP for grants (suicide/homelessness prevention)PDFWORD