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Law & Order and First Responder Awards

The American Legion Law & Order and First Responder Awards recognize the outstanding contributions of top law enforcement, fire fighting and emergency medical personnel and units. It starts at the local Legion Post, whose honorees are submitted for County Legion awards, and in turn for District awards. Districts recommend their top award-winners for the Department of New York’s prestigious Law & Order and First Responder Awards.

Department awards may be presented in the following categories :

  • Law Enforcement Officer of the Year
  • Corrections Officer of the Year
  • Police Department of the Year
  • Firefighter of the Year
  • Fire Department of the Year
  • EMT of the Year
  • Emergency Medical Squad of the Year
  • 911 Dispatcher of the Year.

Info and forms for submitting/reporting awards (Word docs):

Info and forms for submitting/reporting awards (PDF format):

Department Law and Order Committee