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Dept Golf

The Department of New York Golf Committee is holding the Annual Legion Family Golf Tournament on Friday, Aug. 5, 2022, Chairman Auseklis Krumins announced.

Maple Hill golf course

Maple Hill Golf Course

The 18-hole, Captain & Crew event gets under way at 8:30 a.m. Aug. 5 at Maple Hill Golf Club, 1539 Conrad Road, Marathon, NY 13803.

The tournament is limited to 30 teams or 120 golfers who must be 2022 Legion, Auxiliary or Sons of the American Legion members in good standing, Krumins noted.

Entry fee is $55 per golfer, which covers greens fees, golf carts, steak (cook your own), dinner & buffet, liquid refreshments, and prizes. Those wishing to stay overnight and reserve a hotel/motel room may contact Three Bear Inn (Marathon, NY 13803) at 1-800-943-3131. Other motels/hotels are available in Cortland and Binghamton.

To register for the tournament, fill out the registration form and return with check to Golf Chairman Ause Krumins, 3 Merwin Rd Apt 3, Valatie, NY 12184.

. First come, first served.

2022 Golf Letter   Golf Registration Form (fillable in Adobe Reader)