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  • Thursday, March 24, 2016

    WWII Vet in Spotlight at Cayuga County Visitation

    AUBURN — A World War ii Navy veteran was in the spotlight Tuesday, March 22, at the Cayuga County Legion luncheon for state American Legion leaders making an official visitation swing through the 7th District. See Cayuga County Visitation Photo Gallery.

    World War II vet

    WWII Vet Warren Carpenter and Dept. Commander James Yermas.

    Sons of the American Legion Detachment Commander Joseph SantaCroce Jr. and Department Auxiliary President Janet Mahoney offered remarks. When it was Department Commander James Yermas’ turn to speak, he left the podium to recognize Warren Carpenter, an 88-year-old member of Weedsport Post 568 who served aboard the heavy cruiser USS Los Angeles in the Pacific. Yermas thanked the WWII vet for his service and presented him with a few personal gifts – a challenge coin, a commander’s pen, and because Carpenter had recruited more than a few members during his years with the Legion, the commander’s membership recruiting pin.

    WWII vet with escorts

    WWII Vet Warren Carpenter, flanked by Vietnam War Marine Bob Jorolemon and Korean War Marine Charlie Kreplin.

    Carpenter had two Marine escorts from the Weedsport Post – Korean War vet and Post Commander Charlie Kreplin, and Vietnam war vet and Past Post Commander Bob Jorolemon.

    THE KOREAN WAR-ERA M41 Walker Bulldog tank also was a topic of conversation among luncheon attendees – because in February the M41 tank that had been on display for over half a century at Donald R. Ward Post 1259 in Cayuga was delivered by crane and truck to S-K (Swietonoiwski-Kopeczek) Post 1324 in Auburn.


    M41 Tank at S-K Post 1324 in Auburn.

    “It’s going to be a landmark for our post,” noted First Vice Commander Ed King, who coordinated the move. He said the tank came from Fort Drum in 1964, and that members of the Cayuga Post decided to find the tank a new home.

    Post Commander Mark Barrett said they plan to repaint the tank and hold a dedication ceremony later in the year.