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  • Monday, February 15, 2021

    WNY Heroes Snow Sculpture in Arcade, NY

    1WNY Heros Snow Sculpture Arcade NY 02 885x288
    A ten-foot snow sculpture featuring three soldiers and an American flag attracted the attention of American Legion and VFW members on Sunday, Feb. 14.

    As Lite 98.7 Radio put it: “Eric Jones has done it again. The professional carver, who has been creating spectacular snow sculptures all winter, honored Western New York Heroes.”

    Mike Jones, adjutant for Arcade American Legion Post 737, noted that the impressive sculpture is located at Automotive Alley on Route 98 in Arcade, and that it is helping to raise funds for WNY Heroes Inc.

    “Members of VFW Post 374 and Arcade American Legion Post 737 visited the ‘WNY Heroes’ snow sculpture,” he said. “Both veterans’ clubs are going to make a donation to WNY Heroes for the good things they do for veterans and their families.”

    1WNY Heros Snow Sculpture Arcade NY 01