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  • Tuesday, November 10, 2020

    Willingness to Go in Harm’s Way Sets Veterans Apart

    Veterans carry huge flag

    Veterans proudly carry a huge American flag during a previous Veterans Day parade in New York City.

    McDermott MikeBy Commander Michael McDermott,
    Department of New York

    We honor our fallen on Memorial Day.

    Veterans Day, however, is for ALL who served.

    I was privileged to know a World War II vet who received two Bronze Stars and three Purple Hearts after landing in Normandy and then fighting in the Battle of the Bulge. I also was privileged to know a Vietnam-era vet who served in the Army Reserve but never saw combat.

    There is no such thing as insignificant military service.

    It is why The American Legion only requires a single day of honorable military service to join our ranks. We understand that it isn’t just the sacrifice and service that are important, but the WILLINGNESS to defend our freedoms, the WILLINGNESS to offer one’s life in defense of this nation that sets veterans apart.

    So please show your appreciation for veterans. Tell veterans that you love them and that you are grateful for their service.

    Veterans Day is an important but symbolic way of saying thanks.

    I invite you to join The American Legion is showing appreciation EVERY DAY.