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  • Wednesday, August 27, 2014

    Whopping Donation to National Emergency Fund

    CHARLOTTE, NC — The Department of New York made a whopping contribution Aug. 27 to The American Legion’s National Emergency Fund, which provides grants to disaster-struck Legion members.

    Accompanied by Department Commander Frank Peters and Department Adjutant Jim Casey, 2013-2014 Department Commander Kenneth Governor took to the podium at the 96th national convention and addressed National Commander Daniel Dellinger:

    “Mr. Commander, at the beginning of your term you asked If the Department of New York could raise $61,500 for the National Emergency Fund.

    “To date, the Department of New York has contributed almost $27,000.

    “Through the unselfish generosity of thousands of New York Legionnaires and American Legion Family members, we are pleased to present this additional check in the amount of $66,000, bringing New York’s total contribution to the National Emergency Fund this year to $92,931.

    “Thank you, New York!”

    Emergency Fund Donation

    Accompanied by Adjutant Jim Casey (left) and Commander Frank Peters, Past Dept. Commander Ken Governor announces New York’s $92,931 contribution to the National Emergency Fund. Photo / Doug Malin.