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  • Saturday, August 01, 2015

    West Seneca Players Are State Baseball Champs

    UTICA – West Seneca Post 735 ball players are the New York State American Legion Baseball Champions.

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    Andrew Schaefer

    Andrew Schaefer hits a double, driving in 3 runs and helping to secure the championship for West Seneca.

    By the top of the 5th inning, Saratoga Stampede was ahead, 3-1.

    Then West Seneca took advantage of loaded bases when Saratoga pitcher Daniel Hobbs walked four in a row. Even relief pitcher Robert Gates couldn’t stop West Seneca shortstop Andrew Schaefer from smashing a double down the left field line, driving in three runs.

     The third West Seneca RBI slides home, bringing the score to 5-3.

    Nathan Kruger (the third West Seneca RBI) slides home, bringing the winning score to 5-3.

    The score was suddenly 5 to 3, and that’s how it stayed to the end of the championship game four innings later, played at Murnane Field’s Donovan Stadium in Utica.

     West Seneca players are happy about winning the championship.

    West Seneca players are happy about winning the championship.

    West Seneca Team

    The Number One Team