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Latest News

  • Sunday, July 29, 2018

    Utica Post and Clinton County Rebound As Depew and Rockland Grab 2nd Wins in Day 2 of Tournament Play

    UTICA — District 5 Champ Utica Post 229 rebounded in game 5 of the New York State American Legion Baseball Championships on Sunday, defeating District 6 Champ Vestal Post 89, 7 to 1. That leaves Utica with one win and one loss, and Vestal with two losses.

    In game 6, District 4 Champ Clinton County Mariners Post 1619 also rebounded from yesterday’s defeat, edging host Andrean Post 625, 2 to 1. Andrean now has two losses.

    In game 7, District 8 Champ Depew Post 1528 grabbed its second win, and handed District 3 Champ Schenectady County Indians their first loss. The score was 4 to 2.

    In game 8, played at night, District 9 Champ Rockland Pirates Post 130 took a second win, edging District 7 Champ Rayson-Miller Post 899 of Pittsford, 1 to 0. That leaves Rayson-Miller 1 and 1.

    The tournament is being played at Murnane Field’s Donovan Stadium.