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  • Thursday, July 02, 2020

    Update from Department Adjutant

    Legionnaires, Sons of the American Legion and Legion Riders:

    As we approach the 4th of July weekend, I just wanted to update you on a few subjects.

    Our NYC, Buffalo and Troy offices are open for business on a limited basis and no visitors are permitted for the foreseeable future.

    Our NYC and Buffalo offices are housed in VA facilities and must follow VA guidelines; if they reimpose stricter guidelines, we are obligated to follow them.

    Our Troy office is in Rensselaer County and we are not at Phase 4 yet, but hope to be soon. Due to the pandemic our renovations were put on hold; we hope to resume them shortly and completion should be quick.

    Our employees came through the pandemic unscathed medically and in hindsight our closing of the offices early decreased there exposure on mass transit and in crowded spaces and I thank God all are healthy.

    Jim Caseu

    Adjutant James Casey

    The Mid-Winter conference is scheduled to be our next Department-wide gathering and we are formulating a few different scenarios for how we will operate, depending on where we are in this reopening.

    Several regions across the state are reopening now. Posts, Counties and Districts are starting to hold meetings. I am asking all of you to follow the state-issued guidelines to the letter. The State Liquor Authority and the Gaming Commission have stated in no uncertain terms that violations will be met with swift and severe penalties; don’t be the Post that loses its license as we all try to recover from this financial disaster.

    I know most of you are upset and dismayed at the recent turmoil on our streets and the destruction and desecration of several of our war memorials across the country; the WWII memorial in Washington, D.C. was most unsettling and I can’t for the life of me understand why someone would do that to a monument dedicated to “The Greatest Generation” without whom the world would not be enjoying the freedoms we now enjoy, and their protests would have been met with brutal retaliation.

    Consolidated Post Reports and 2021 Post Certification of Officers reports are due at Department HQ and I implore you,, when sending officers reports to include email addresses as they have become the main communication tool for the Department in providing timely information to our members. PLEASE TYPE OR PRINT CLEARLY.

    On a personal note I just wanted to let you know I recently had eye surgery again and am recovering nicely and the doctor is very optimistic.

    On behalf of the Commander and myself please have a Happy and Safe 4th of July and remember…’this too shall pass’.

    “Pro Deo et Patria “
    James W. Casey
    American Legion
    Department of New York