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Latest News

  • Sunday, November 23, 2014

    Snow-buried Members May Be Eligible for Emergency Funds

    Members of the Legion Family hit hard by the recent snowstorms in New York may be eligible for The American Legion’s National Emergency Funds.

    Anthony DeNatale, New York American Legion’s homeland security and civil preparedness chairman, reports that National Emergency Funds (NEF) are available for the 10 counties declared disaster areas by Governor Andrew Cuomo.

    The counties are:

    Cattaraugus (8th District).
    Chattauqua (8th District).
    Erie ( 8th District).
    Franklin (4th District).
    Genesse (8th District).
    Herkimer (5th District).
    Jefferson (5th District).
    Lewis (5th District).
    Oswego (5th District).
    Wyoming (8th District.)

    Download NEF Application here. Or visit NEF page on national website for more information.  Please remember the following:

    1. The maximum amount available is $1,500 for household applicants displaced by disaster (up to $5,000 for Legion posts).
    2. The money is not to be used for repairs to your home or replacement of appliances, furniture, etc.
    3. The money is to be used for EMERGENCY expenses only – food, shelter, clothing, diapers, etc.
    4. Pictures of your home must be included in the application.
    5. Receipts must be included in your application.

    If you have any questions, please contact Department Headquarters or Tony DeNatale at