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  • Wednesday, October 09, 2013

    Shutdown Threat to Vets Is ‘Egregious’

    ALBANY — The New York State American Legion is urging veterans to contact members of Congress “to register outrage for not working hard enough to avoid harming our government, our men and women in uniform, our veterans, their families, and our nation,” said Kenneth Governor, commander of The American Legion’s Department of New York.

    “The government shutdown is not only a threat to national security, with the way it is being applied, but also a cruel and absurd threat to veterans and families,” Governor said rom The American Legion’s New York headquarters in Albany.

    While hailing efforts by some members of Congress to push legislation to protect national security as well as veterans benefits, he called the VA furloughs, along with “the posturing and arrogance in Washington,” an “egregious affront to veterans and the American people.”

    Governor noted that while VA regional offices are closed, “our American Legion service officers there are still working, talking to veterans by phone even if the veterans are not allowed into the office areas to meet the service officers in person.”