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  • Tuesday, August 21, 2018

    Sailors Help Clean Up Yard at Bronx Post 620

    Sailors help clean up Post grounds

    Chief-Select Hospital Corpsmann Marchant Da Silva helps clean up the yard at Samuel H. Young American Legion Post 620 in the Bronx on Aug. 18. U.S. Navy Photos by Chief Mass Communication Specialist Roger S. Duncan.

    U.S. Navy personnel showed appreciation to fellow veterans by taking on a community service project on Aug. 18 to clean up the grounds at a Bronx American Legion Post in advance of a fall centennial celebration.

    Sailor pulls weeds

    Chief-Select Hospital Corpsman Winter Landmann-Herd pulls weeds during a clean-up project at Samuel H. Young American Legion Post 620.

    The personnel included sailors in line for promotion to chief petty officer, who volunteered as part of their leadership training.

    The Navy chief-selects, who were undergoing the CPO 365 Phase II leadership program at Navy Operational Support Center New York, joined chiefs and senior chiefs from the center for the community service project at Samuel H. Young American Legion Post 620.

    In a ceremony following the clean-up, Post Vice Commander Bill Franklin expressed the Legion’s gratitude and presented the sailors with an American Legion Certificate of Appreciation.

    The sailors presented the Post with a plaque of their own, expressing appreciation for all that the American Legion does.

    Also present was Marricka Scott McFadden, Bronx Deputy Borough president.

    “We chose to have the property cleaned up as we are gearing to have a Centennial event at this Post” in early October, noted First District

    Sailor mows yard at Bronx Post

    Chief-Select Hospital Corpsman Ernest Ahiable drives a mower in the front yard of Samuel H. Young American Legion Post 620.

    Vice Commander Joseph Mondello, who was there helping out with other members of his Post, Theodore Korony Post 253, also located in the Bronx. “We will be rededicating the Sam Young American Legion Post” at that time.

    Mondello added that he researched the namesakes of the two Bronx Posts and discovered that both Theodore Korony and Sam Young were among the allied forces that breached the Hindenburg Line (also known as the Siegfried Line) on Sept. 29, 1918 in France. It was the last line of German defenses on the Western Front in World War I. “Theodore Korony was killed September 29th; Sam Young was wounded September 29th and died on October 3rd.”

    Samuel H. Young American Legion Post 620 was founded in 1919.