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  • Thursday, January 28, 2021

    Rescheduling of National American Legion College

    The National American Legion College will hold a class for 2020 applicants In November and a class for 2021 applicants in December.

    “The class of 2020 college dates are confirmed for November 13-19, 2021,” National Adjutant Daniel S. Wheeler announced Jan. 27. “All departments who submitted applications still have one seat in the class,” based on the top-ranked applicant submitted. “Call-in letters will be sent no later than April 1 with the class dates, travel, and lodging information.”

    After the 2020 class concludes, a 2021 college class will convene December 12-17, 2021, he said.

    The 2021 student application will be posted and available on February 5, 2021, at  Applicants who were not selected for the 2020 class and would like to attend the 2021 class will be required to complete a 2021 application. Class of 2021 student applications are due July 31, 2021.