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  • Thursday, May 26, 2016

    Oratorical Contest An Opportunity to Hone Skills and Honor Vets

    New York State American Legion Champion Melissa A. Woodford of New City, NY, was one of 53 contestants competing for national honors in the Legion’s oratorical contest held in Indianapolis, Indiana in April.

    Melissa Woodford with national leaders


    While she didn’t make the final round, she said the competition was an opportunity for her to “perfect” her speaking skills and “give respect to the veterans who served our country.”

    She spoke on the 26th Amendment and how it gave veterans a right to vote at the age of 18.

    “I found that such a privilege and joy to be able to talk about; it’s an honor to be here to be able to speak about that.”

    A home-schooled high school senior, Melissa took first place in the Department of New York contest in March, winning a $6,000 scholarship. She was sponsored by Moscarella Post 199 (Rockland County, 9th District).

    In the photo, Melissa is shown with National Commander Dale Barnett (left) and Americanism Chairman Richard Anderson.