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  • Wednesday, August 29, 2018

    NY Presents Comfort Warrior Donations to National Commander

    NY leaders donate to Operation Comfort Warriors

    Department of New York leaders present Comfort Warrior donations to National Commander Denise Rohan. From left: Dept. Commander Gary Schacher, Riders Director Bob Wallace, Immediate Past Dept. Commander Rena Nessler, Commander Rohan, and Dept. Adjutant Jim Casey. Photo by Doug Malin.

    MINNEAPOLIS — New York leaders were back on stage at the 100th National Convention with National Commander Denise Rohan Wednesday, presenting donations for Operation Comfort Warriors (which helps wounded and injured service members and veterans).

    The Department of New York donated $9,589 for Operation Comfort Warriors (OCW), and the New York Legion Riders donated $1,320, bringing the on-stage total to $10,909. OCW is an American Legion-sponsored program, with one hundred percent of donations assisting those in need.

    Presenting the checks were Immediate Past Department Commander Rena Nessler, Department Commander Gary Schacher, NY Riders Director Bob Wallace and Department Adjutant Jim Casey.