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  • Tuesday, August 28, 2018

    NY Presents $16,640 for Legacy Fund

    NY leaders present Legacy donations.

    NY leaders presented Legacy checks to National Commander Denise Rohan. FROM LEFT: Dept. Adjutant Jim Casey, Commander Rohan, Immediate Past Dept. Commander Rena Nessler, NY Riders Director Bob Wallace, and Dept. Commander Gary Schacher. Photo by Doug Malin.

    MINNEAPOLIS — Department of New York leaders were center stage with National Commander Denise Rohan Tuesday, presenting checks for the Legacy Scholarship Fund that helps children of fallen service members and post-9/11 disabled veterans.

    Immediate Past Department Commander Rena Nessler, who is leading New York’s delegation to the National Centennial Convention, was joined on stage by Department Commander Gary Schacher, New York Legion Riders Director Bob Wallace and Department Adjutant Jim Casey.

    They presented the national commander with a Legacy check for $15,440 from the Department, and a $1,200 check from the Legion Riders.