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  • Wednesday, August 29, 2018

    NY Donates $66,435 to National Emergency Fund

    NY Leaders Donate to National Emergency Fund

    New York leaders presented $66,435 to National Commander Denise Rohan for the National Emergency Fund. From left: National Internal Affairs Chairman Bob Newman, Dept. Commander Gary Schacher, Immediate Past Dept. Commander Rena Nessler, Commander Rohan, and Dept. Adjutant Jim Casey. Photo by Doug Malin.

    MINNEAPOLIS — New York leaders returned to the 100th National Convention stage for a second time Wednesday to present $66,435 to National Commander Denise Rohan for the National Emergency Fund (NEF).

    The NEF provides financial assistance to disaster-struck Legionnaires and Legion Posts.

    Presenting the donation were Immediate Past Department Commander Rena Nessler, Department Commander Gary Schacher, and Department Adjutant Jim Casey.

    In the past two days, the New York delegation presented checks totaling nearly $94,000 for American Legion charities. The others were $16,640 for the Legacy Scholarship Fund and $10,909 for Operation Comfort Warriors.