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  • Tuesday, August 22, 2017

    NY Delegation & Riders Donate $86,351 for Legion Charities at Convention

    RENO, NEV. — Department of New York leaders took to the national stage Tuesday, Aug. 22, when they presented checks totaling $86,351 for American Legion charities at the 99th National Convention here.

    Dept leaders make donation

    National Commander Charles Schmidt (right) thanks Department of New York leaders for New York’s $59,630 donation to the National Emergency Fund. From left: Dept. Adjutant James Casey, Immediate Past Dept. Commander John Sampson and Dept. Commander Rena Nessler. Photo by Doug Malin.

    Dept leaders make donation

    Department leaders pose with National Commander Charles Schmidt (left) after turning over $26,721 for the Legacy Fund. From left: Schmidt, Dept. Adjutant James Casey, Dept. Commander Rena Nessler, Immediate Past Dept. Commander John Sampson, and Riders State Director David Davis. Photo by Doug Malin.

    Delegation Chairman and Immediate Past Department Commander John Sampson, along with newly elected Department Commander Rena Nessler and Department Adjutant James Casey, presented National Commander Charles Schmidt with a check for $59,630 for the National Emergency Fund.

    A little later, they returned to the stage to present checks totaling $10,610 for the Legacy Scholarship Fund. Then Legion Riders State Director David Davis turned over $16,111 raised by Riders, bringing New York’s Legacy donation at the convention to $26,721.

    The Legacy Fund provides scholarships to children of servicemen and women who are killed or disabled while serving their country. Legion Riders and American Legion departments donated more than $667,000 at the convention floor Aug. 22. That brought this year’s Legacy Run total to a ride record $1,224,653 – the fourth straight year the ride has raised more than $1 million.