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  • Monday, March 30, 2020

    Now is the time for a ‘buddy check’

    During the coronavirus state of emergency, it is important to reach out to “your fellow Legionnaires and SAL members and see how they are doing,” Department Adjutant James W. Casey urged Legion leaders across the state.

    BuddyCheck imageIn other words, participate in the Legion’s “Buddy Check” program.

    Membership Chairman Gene Ordmandy Jr. added: “This is what we do first, and foremost — look out for our comrades.”

    The essence of the “Buddy Check” program is simple – “check in on him or her to see if they are in need, if they are healthy, if they require supplies, or they just need someone to talk to in this time of isolation.”

    Ordmandy noted: “It is my hope that all are safe and sound, that we get through this time of uncertainty, we get back in full motion, and continue our mission as Legionnaires.”

    Click here for a “Buddy Check” toolkit.