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  • Wednesday, June 09, 2021

    Newly Ordained Priest to Be Erie County Chaplain


    Front Row from left: Joseph Porempski, James Bojanowski, Father Michael Johnson, Gary Wald, Thomas O’Connell, and Bill MIskell. Second Row from left: Nelson Oldfield, Tom Deinzer, Fred Pask, Anthony Solina, John Siefert, and Jake Schu. Photo by Marlene Oldfield.

    Members of the Erie County American Legion attended the first mass of newly ordained Catholic priest Michael Johnson on Sunday June 6, 2021, Erie County Adjutant Jim Bojanowski reports.

    Father Johnson is 1st vce commander of Depew Post 1528 and will be the Erie County Chaplain for the 2021-2022 American Legion year.

    The Erie County American Legion purchased four liturgical vestments to mark the occasion and presented them after the mass.


    Fr. Michael Johnson (3rd from left).