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Latest News

  • Saturday, October 25, 2014

    National Commander Visits New York

    The man who leads some 2.4 million Legionnaires visited New York’s Southern Tier Saturday (Oct. 25), stopping at George F. Johnson Post 1700 in the Town of Union for a luncheon and admiring the POW Memorial there, Binghamton WBNG TV reported.

    Commander Helm

    Michael Helm

    The local people are what make his visit memorable, National Commander Mke Helm told the TV station. He cited the “good people and the things they do for the organization and how they do them,” such as the POW monument. “They remember veterans and remember those who have served and it also helps the community remember at the same time.”

    Commander Helm later stopped at American Legion Post 1645 in Binghamton for a dinner in his honor.

    In his swing through the 8th district, Helm honored William Renskers for 69 years of service as a Legionnaire. Renskers is a member of Damcott-Jones Post 874 in Clymer.

    Helm spent Thursday, Friday and Saturday in the Department of New York’s 6th, 7th and 8th Districts, bringing a message that the Legion is a “God and Country” organization, and challenging Legion Posts to “stoke the fires” of their service to communities.