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  • Wednesday, December 02, 2020

    Mid-Winter Conference Cancelled

    The Department of New York had a “Plan B” for January’s Mid-Winter Conference in case the pandemic lingered. It would have been a mini-conference, with key officers and chairmen attending in person and others participating virtually.

    Jim Casey

    Adjutant James Casey

    But with the recent surges in COVID-19 cases across the state, especially in Albany County, the Department has decided to cancel the Mid-Winter Conference altogether.

    “Commander (Michael) McDermott and I spoke at length … and our main concern was the health and safety of our members,” Department Adjutant James Casey said.

    “We could not bring Legionnaires from across the state together and risk their lives.”

    Department business will be conducted via Zoom video conferencing, Casey noted.

    “The Finance Committee will meet on ZOOM next week to discuss and hopefully give a recommendation to the Executive Committee for the 2021 budget. The Mountain Camp meeting will also be a ZOOM meeting to be held shortly after I receive the 4th quarter statement from … our portfolio managers. The Boys’ State Directors meeting will also be a ZOOM meeting sometime in the middle of January to discuss and approve their 2021 budget. The Department Executive Committee will also be a ZOOM meeting to be held the last week of January.”

    Casey thanked Department staffers — Anne Rounds, Cassi Harden, Kristine Delap, Charlie LaHaise and Ann Brown — for all their hard work preparing for the conference. “Their dedication to the Department did not go unnoticed and I can’t thank them enough.”

    He also thanked conference chairman Harvey Martel and his committee for putting up with the changing dynamics of planning during a pandemic.