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  • Thursday, January 06, 2022

    Mid-Winter Conference Cancelled, Along with 3rd & 7th District Visits

    Legionnaires and Sons of The American Legion,

    Frank LaMarsh 2021

    Frank LaMarsh

    It is with an abundance of caution and heavy hearts that we inform you of the cancellation of the 2022 Mid-Winter Conference along with the 3rd and 7th Districts Department Commander’s visitations. We have been discussing this possibility since the recent surge in Covid-19 cases started. We advised Detachment Commander David Lee of our discussions yesterday and he was in total agreement.

    Jim Casey

    James Casey

    The Desmond hotel will cancel all of the room reservations for us and if you provided them an email address, they will notify you shortly. If you are a committee chairman, please notify any guests that you have invited of our cancellation.

    It is our hope that this pandemic will be behind us in March as we attempt to gather for our Hill Day Conference. I would like to thank Anne Rounds and the staff at Department headquarters along with Harvey Martel and the Desmond staff for all their hard work in putting this Conference together. This decision was not an easy one to make but the health and safety of our members and their guests have always been our highest priority. Please stay safe and healthy.

    Francis LaMarsh                                    James W. Casey
    Commander                                                       Department Adjutant