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  • Tuesday, February 06, 2018

    Legionnaire Responsible for POW/MIA Table at JFK Airport

    When Legionnaire Brian Galarza was hired by American Airlines in March of 2016 as a fleet service clerk at John F. Kennedy International (JFK) Airport, little did he realize that he would spur awareness for American prisoners of war and those missing in action (POW/MIAs).

    POW?MIA Table at JFK Airport

    Brian Galarza and his POW/MIA table at JFK Airport (Terminal 8, Gate 12).

    On Veterans Day that year, he set up a POW/MIA table in the employee break room, which sparked “many questions by my non-veteran co-workers,” Galarza reports.

    In 2017, the retired Army sergeant (SFC) was appointed veterans’ coordinator for Local 501 of the Transportation Workers Union (TWU).

    It wasn’t long before the Veterans’ Committee asked him to set a permanent POW/MIA table at JFK, located at Terminal 8, Gate 12, “which is our veterans’ gate giving tribute to our Medal of Honor recipients.” 

    Brian is a member of the Daniel M. O’Connell American Legion Post 272 in Rockaway Beach, Queens.