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Latest News

  • Sunday, January 24, 2016

    Legion Riders Elect State Director

    Dave Davis was re-elected state director of the American Legion Riders during the Department of New York’s Mid-Winter Conference, held Jan. 22-24 in Albany.

    Diane and Dave Davis

    Dave Davis with wife, Diane.

    Also elected to one-year terms were:

    — Peter DiAngelis, vice state director (Districts 1, 2, 9, 10).

    Don Guernsey, vice state director (Districts 3 & 4).

    Don Logn, vice state director (Districts 5 & 6)

    Jerry Ketchum, vice state director (Districts 7 & 8).

    Larry Misczuk, state secretary.

    Nadine Szewczyk, state chaplain.

    Diane Davis, state historian.