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  • Friday, July 15, 2016

    Legion Honors Employment Reps, Employer of Year

    The American Legion Department of New York honored two New York State veterans’ employment representatives for their outstanding work with military veterans, and hailed a Poughkeepsie-based company for hiring veterans.

    Department Employment Chair Thomas Rielly announced the awards Friday, July 15, before a packed convention hall of Legion delegates from across the Empire State.

    Elizabeth Hendricks, who works in Flushing, is the Disabled Veterans Outreach Program (DVOP) specialist of the year.

    Michael Casselman, who works in Watertown, is Local Veterans Employment Representative (LVER) of the year.

    Arnoff Moving & Storage, which employs 14 veterans in a workforce of 133, is employer of the year. Two veterans on the management team – former Marine Tyrone Davis and former Coast Guardsman Chris Haig – accepted the award on behalf of the company along with Human Resource Director Alyssa Bergenson.

    Employment Awards

    Employment reps of the year Michael Casselman and Elizabeth Hendricks; and the team from employer of the year Arnoff Moving & Storage (Chris Haig, Alyssa Bergenson and Tyrone Davis).