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  • Friday, January 29, 2021

    Legion Helps Vet Without Heat

    Rockland County Commander Patrick Casper with veteran at her home.

    Rockland County Commander Patrick Casper with veteran at her home.

    “It’s What We Do.”

    That’s the motto for the Rockland County American Legion Family, County Commander Patrick Casper noted after The American Legion successfully advocated on behalf of a veteran with two children who had no heat in her Valley College home.

    The result was that the veteran’s furnace was serviced, and heat restored.

    After learning of the veteran’s plight, Department Adjutant Jim Casey reached out to Master-at-Arms Richard Calbo, who in turn contacted County Commander Casper late Friday, Jan. 22.

    “On Saturday morning… I then reached out to Izzy Quintana, Post 310 Adjutant and Rockland County Judge Advocate who reached out to his Post Commander,” Casper reported. “Post 310 Commander John Gray responded to her home and was able to assess the boiler was 15 years old and had never been serviced. He did leave her a portable heater and reached out to a couple of HVAC repair people who were not able to respond. I then reached out to Sam Varano, the owner of Ace Mechanical here in Suffern, and he responded and was able to get her heat back on.”

    The boiler, he noted, is in need of further servicing or replacement, so he gave the homeowner the contact info for the Rockland County Veterans Service Office and to the Rockland County Vet to Vet office.