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  • Wednesday, November 04, 2020

    Jr. Shooting Sports Season Starts Nov. 20

    League and Championship Matches to Take Place at Local Posts

    With the COVID-19 pandemic having lingering impact, the New York State American Legion Junior Shooting competition will take place entirely at local American Legion Posts, Jr. Shooting Chair Lawrence Behling announced.

    “All matches will be fired at your American Legion Post this year for the NYS American Legion League, including the NYS Championship, due to the virus,” Behling noted in a letter to team coaches.

    The season begins Nov. 20. Registration forms and team rosters should be submitted via email by Nov. 7 (or as soon as possible).

    Teams still on standdown need to register and submit their information, he said, so that score keepers can track them as soon as they can start their matches.

    There are only five matches this year against other teams. All individual shooters must fire all five matches to be able to shoot in the NYS League Championship.

    “We understand that the nature of the virus has changed many things that we do, and can still change things that we are doing in the NYS League this year,” Behling said. “So this will affect the amount of time you have to work with your teams. We had a two-week reporting period for scores for matches, but we are changing this to a three-week reporting period with the exception of a virus-related forced shutdown for 14 days. If there is a virus shutdown, you must report to the score keeper so he can reset your match times for your team.”

    He noted: “The NYS League Championship will be fired at your own range this year, with match targets being mailed to you for the championship. Targets must have a witness this year.”