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  • Thursday, January 23, 2014

    Jobs, Suicide, Benefit Cuts Among Issues at Mid-Winter Conference

    ALBANY — Jobs, suicide prevention and retiree benefit cuts will be on the minds of nearly 1,200 American Legion members as they gather this weekend (Jan. 24-26) for the New York State American Legion’s 95th Annual Mid-Winter Conference at The Desmond Hotel and Conference Center here. Another 700 members of the American Legion Auxiliary and the Sons of the American Legion also will be addressing veterans and family issues as they hold concurrent meetings at nearby hotels.

    “We’re advocating on behalf of returning veterans who need jobs,” noted State Legion Commander Kenneth Governor of North Greenbush. “We’re advocating for ways to stem the suicide epidemic among veterans, and we’re urging Congress to remove the cost-of-living-adjustment  cut for all military retirees, not just disabled veterans.”

    Visiting the conference will be the leading candidate for national commander, Michael D. Helm of Nebraska.

    Meetings on Children and Youth Programs, National Security issues, Troop Support, Family Support, Veterans’ Health Concerns and a number of other topics will be held throughout the weekend. The Legionnaires will attend a reception and banquet on Saturday evening. The American Legion is the country’s largest war-time veterans organization and is committed to serving veterans, families, youth, community and nation. The Legion operates the Legacy Scholarship Fund to provide scholarships to children of service members who died while serving their country, and Operation Comfort Warriors to offer free aid, supplies and equipment to wounded warriors.