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  • Friday, June 06, 2014

    Indomitable D-Day Spirit Protects Freedom

    By Kenneth Governor
    Department Commander

    I couldn’t help but think of the hundreds of thousands of Army, Navy, Marine, Air and Coast Guard warriors who, 70 years ago today, launched an operation to end the grotesque malignancy of fascism, which had spread throughout so much of the world by 1944.

    Within five days, 326,547 men, 54,186 vehicles, and 104,428 tons of stores were brought ashore over the beaches of the Normandy coast during the worst June weather on the English Channel in 20 years. These bloodied beaches were bought and paid for at a terrible price.

    The indomitable spirit of the American fighters was exemplified, by their untiring energy and courage, which triumphed over the seemingly insurmountable difficulties confronting them, much like the same spirit that sustains today’s serving men and women.

    We owe a great deal to the thousands who unselfishly gave up their lives so the world would be freed of oppression. We must never forget this wonderful gift of peace and democracy they gave us, nor those who maintain it today, nor, in their memory, take it for granted.