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  • Thursday, April 27, 2017

    Help Find Faces of Vietnam Fallen

    Past Department President

    Did you know that the photos of almost 1,200 service members from the state of New York who made the ultimate sacrifice in Vietnam are missing from the “Wall of Faces” on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund’s website?

    I have initiated a state-wide Community Service project that will hopefully “find a face” for every name that is listed without a photo.
    Every one of these service members deserves to have their face remembered on the “Wall of Faces”.  If you can assist with putting a face with every name of a service member from New York State, here is how YOU can help with this project:

    Go to:
    –click on the “advanced search” button
    –enter your county name in the “County” box
    –enter New York in the “State” box
    –check the “Does Not Have Photo” box
    –Click on “Submit”

    A listing will then appear with all the service members listed on The Wall from your county who do NOT have a photo associated with their bio.  You might know a family member, friend or classmate that might have known this service member and can assist you in finding a photo.  The photo does NOT have to be their military photo…it can be their graduation photo or just a clear casual photo that highlights their personality.  Anyone can submit a photo and submit it to the site by clicking on the “More Information” line to bring up the service member’s bio and then click on the “Submit Photos” box directly underneath the blank photo area.  Multiple pictures can be submitted.  HALF of New York’s missing pictures are from New York County alone, so we need extra help with that county.  Please be sure to match the service member’s birth date to verify identity.

    PLEASE help put a face to every name from New York shown on the “Wall of Faces”.  Your help would be greatly appreciated. Let’s work together as a Legion Family and get this done for these American service members  who made the ultimate sacrifice in Vietnam.  Please be sure to share your success stories with me.

    Susan Britton, Past Department President, Dept. of NY
    “Finding the New York Faces” Coordinator
    PO Box 114, Rensselaerville, NY 12147
    (518) 797-3383-H/(518) 369-8832