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  • Thursday, December 10, 2015

    Greene County Legion Honors Sheriff’s Deputy

    Green County Sheriff’s Deputy Ray Feml came to the aid of a choking victim on the New York State Thruway in October. For his actions, the Greene County American Legion honored the deputy with its Law and Order Award at the Sheriff’s Department first annual awards dinner, held Nov. 20 at Leeds Inn in Leeds, NY.

    Legion Honors Deputy

    (l to r) Greene County Sheriff Greg Seeley, Honoree Deputy Ray Feml, and Department Law and Order Chair Tim Burch.

    Arriving at the Thruway’s New Baltimore rest stop, “those there were waving Deputy Feml down and screaming for help,” noted Department Law and Order Chair Tim Burch. “The female choking was non-responsive, limp and blue in the face and almost in respiratory arrest. Deputy Feml quickly preformed the Heimlich maneuver, forcing the obstruction from her throat. Within minutes she was able to breath on her own and later talked and responded to questions.”

    Deputy Feml has been an EMT since he was 18 and it was the first time ever he used the Heimlich maneuver, Burch said. Deputy Feml is a CPR trainer with the Sheriff’s Department.