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  • Thursday, July 28, 2016

    Follow the Baseball Championships on Live Streaming Audio

    Each game of the New York State Baseball Championship Tournament is being broadcast live via streaming audio.

    Dan Tomaino and Gus Pfisterer provide streaming audio play-by-play.

    Dan Tomaino (left) and Gus Pfisterer provide streaming audio play-by-play.

    Go to and click on the Mixlr link to sign up for a free Mixlr account or download a free app from your device’s app store.

    The force behind the streaming audio play-by-play is Dan Tomaino, a sports broadcasting graduate of Curry College in Milton, MA. He is being assisted by four student interns interested in sports broadcasting who are helping provide color commentary. Two of the interns are recent graduates of New Hartford High School – Gus Pfisterer and Ryan Faro – and the other two are students at New Hartford High – Matt Abraham and Jack Angelucci.

    Game announcer Ray Biggs

    The public address game announcer is Ray Biggs of ESPN Radio Utica-Rome. He also is the voice of Utica Blue Sox, who play at Murnane Field, and Utica College football and hockey.

    They will broadcast the title-determining games on Saturday – the Junior Baseball Championship game at 11 a.m. and the regular Baseball Championship game at 2 p.m. The top junior teams have their own tournament Thursday and Friday at Delutis Field in Rome.