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  • Friday, March 14, 2014

    ESPNU to Televise Legion World Series Championship Game

    The 2014 American Legion World Series championship game will be televised live and available to 80 million viewers on the ESPNU network in August, officials announced. Preliminary games will be available on the Internet service ESPN3. The agreement between The American Legion and ESPN is for five years.

    The games will be held Aug. 14-19 in Shelby, N.C. The last time an American Legion World Series championship game was televised live was 35 years ago.

    “The extended contact (with ESPN) to televise the championship game of the World Series is testimony of the perseverance and commitment of all involved to maintain our reputation as one of the most successful and tradition-rich amateur baseball programs in the world,” said Richard Anderson, chairman of The American Legion National Americanism Commission.

    Nearly 80,000 young people play American Legion Baseball in the United States and Canada. Major League Baseball greats Yogi Berra, George Brett, Chipper Jones, Albert Pujols, Don Mattingly and Justin Verlander are just a few of the notable big leaguers who have played American Legion Baseball. For more, visit