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  • Saturday, July 21, 2018

    Edar Paredes of Yonkers Is Service Officer of the Year

    Service Officer of the Year Edar Paredes

    Service Officer of the Year Edar Paredes

    Edar Paredes, a member of Yonkers Post 1954, is the New York State American Legion’s Service Officer of the Year.

    He was honored during the 100th Department Convention in Rochester, and given a Department-level white hat emblazoned with the title.

    He also was awarded the national American Legion Citation for Meritorious Service.

    “This is the first time the national meritorious service citation has been given in the Department of New York,” noted Patrick Rourk, chairman of the Veterans Service Committee.

    Paredes works out of the Yonkers Veterans Service Agency. A Navy veteran and naturalized citizen, Paredes attended college using the GI Bill and graduated with a degree in computer science.