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  • Wednesday, January 27, 2016

    Donations Go to Legion Programs, Not Office Space or Salaries

    CBS News has been reporting about the Wounded Warrior Project and its finances.

    “The American Legion has no comment about how other organizations operate,” notes John Raughter of the Media and Communications Department at National Headquarters. “Our recommendation is to refrain from commenting about other organizations, but instead focus on American Legion programs.”

    Any money raised by posts, departments and the website for American Legion programs goes for the specific cause (Operation Comfort Warriors, American Legion Legacy Fund, National Emergency Fund, etc.)  Office space, salaries, etc. are paid from membership dues – not funds that are donated to our programs.

    Moreover, American Legion service officers assist veterans with claims and other benefits free of charge, regardless of membership status in The American Legion.

    Click here for an article by Finance Commission Chairman Ken Danilson, which appeared in the March 2008 American Legion Magazine. Although dated, the principles of transparency in donations remain the same.