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  • Thursday, August 24, 2017

    Dept. of NY Legionnaire Swears In First Woman National Commander

    RENO, Nev. – Denise Rohan of Wisconsin became the first woman to be elected American Legion national commander, and Past National Commander Fang Wong of the Department of New York got to administer the oath of office.

    Swearing In

    National Commander Denise Rohan is sworn in by Fang Wong, past national commander and past Dept of New York commander. Photo by Clay Lomneth /

    The installation culminated the 99th national convention held in Reno, and Commander Rohan had one question for the delegates as she stood at the podium: “Are you ready?”

    She challenged Legionnaires to work together to continue the organization’s 98 years of service to the nation, and its veterans, military and their families.

    “Are you ready to continue to join forces as part of the nation’s largest veteran service organization’s family?” Rohan asked. “Are you ready to Purple Up and show the nation that we are a family that not just takes care of our own members, we stand ready to take care of our active-duty military and their families, we take care of our veterans and their families and, in reality, when you look at our four pillars and all of our programs, are you ready to continue to take care of our entire nation’s families?”

    Rohan said her theme this year will be “Family First,” and that the theme is based on The American Legion’s motto of “For God and Country.”

    Swering In

    Department of New York’s Fang Wong administers the oath of office to the Legion’s first-ever female national commander — Denise Rohan of Wisconsin. Photo by Doug Malin.