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2019 Resolutions

19-1 Commend Commander
19-2 Commed Adjutant Casey
19-3 Commend Convention Chair
19-4 Commend Erie County
19-5 Commend Department Officers
19-6 Commend HQ Staff
19-7 Commend City
19-8 Membership Reporting
19-9 Recognize recipients of Congressional Medal Of Honor by commissioning a “Congressional Medal of Honor Highway“
19-10 Veterans Treatment Courts in New York State
19-11 RTM- Updated
19-12 Membership in AL Riders
19-13 RTM National Resolution
19-14 Veterans Community Support
19-15 Blue Water Navy Veterans Resolution
19-16 Re-name Law And Order
19-17 Commend Retiring Department Service Officers
19-18 Designate Retiring Commander as Chair of National Convention

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