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2018 Resolutions

  1. #1 Commend City of Rochester
  2. #2 Commend Monroe County
  3. #3 Commend Convention Chair
  4. #4 Commend Department Officers
  5. #5 Commend HQ Staff
  6. #6 Commend Department Adjutant
  7. #7 Designate National Conv Delegation Chair
  8. #8 Medical Mileage – Remanded Incomplete
  9. #9 License Plate – Deleted-Rejected
  10. #10 Use Legen Flier
  11. #11 Cold War Ribbon
  12. #12 Change iNational Oratorical Dates
  13. #13 Change National Oratorical Format
  14. #14 Increase National Oratorical Scholarship Awards
  15. #15 Ghost Fleet
  16. #16 VA Health Care Eligibility
  17. #17 Ghost Army Award
  18. #18 USS Liberty Recognition
  19. #19 5 Year Term for Veterans Service Agency Directors
  20. #20 Veterans Cemeteries
  21. #21 VA Contract Compensation & Pension Exams
  22. #22 Amend NYS Executive Law Section 359(1)

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