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Press Association

The New York American Legion Press Association (NYALPA) aims to promote excellence in public relations and journalism throughout the Legion Family in New York State.

Membership is open to members of the Legion, Auxiliary and Sons of the American Legion who have an interest in or who perform various communications functions — such as newsletter editor, webmaster, web journalist, photographer, videographer, radio journalist, PR officer. Professional journalists and PR practitioners who belong to the Legion Family are also encouraged to join the press association.

NYALPA_application (Fillable PDF)



The Press Association offers the Albert M. Becker Memorial Scholarship for a high school senior or graduate planning to pursue a degree in a communications field. Annual deadline is April 15.

Scholarship Application & Guidelines (PDF)
Scholarship Application & Guidelines (Word)




NYALPA Officers

Dorothy Button
West Valley, NY

Treasurer & Executive Director
Lynda Pixley
Ransomville, NY

Kevin Harrington
Castleton, NY

Vice Presidents
Carl Griffith
Howard Heyel
Toba A. LaCrown
Dave Lockhart
Patrick R. Rourk.

Anne Harrington
Dorolyn Perry
Rich Calbo
Frank Peters
Bill Baker
Susan Koch

NYALPA Website

NYALPA Voice (Spring 2018 issue)