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  • Wednesday, July 15, 2015

    Concert Band Welcomes Legionnaires to Buffalo

    The Buffalo Niagara Concert Band of American Legion Post 1041 welcomed Legionnaires and their families to Buffalo Wednesday evening with a stirring patriotic concert in the atrium at the Hyatt Regency Hotel and Conference Center.

    Commander Peters Recounts Year

    The concert capped an afternoon of pre-convention committee meetings and entertained veterans during a social hour leading up to a dinner in honor of outgoing Department Commander Frank J. Peters.

    “I look out at everyone in this room and I am inspired and in awe,” Peters told a packed banquet hall. “You are all wartime veterans…I am humbled that I could lead you.”

    He said the success of his year as commander was due to the hard work of a myriad of people. He said he couldn’t thank them enough.

    Peters, who said he was inspired by his legionnaire grandfather to get involved after serving in the Navy, pointed to his “modest goal” to attract 3,000 new members to the American Legion in New York State. The latest membership report “showed 3700” new members.

    Another goal was to raise $35,000 for the National Emergency Fund, which helps Legion families struck by disaster. “So far we’ve raised $45,000.”