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  • Wednesday, May 29, 2019

    Commander Schacher Lays Wreath at Gettysburg

    Department Commander Gary Schacher traveled to Gettysburg, PA for Memorial Day services, along with a few members of the Legion and American Legion Auxiliary.

    “I was so honored to be invited to lay a wreath at the New York Monument inside the National Cemetery in Gettysburg,” he said, and “was so fortunate to have members of the New York American Legion and Auxiliary make the trip.”

    While there Commander Schacher met Lewis Jones, commander of Gettysburg American Legion Post 202, and “ran into Rich Heiland, a Seabee that I served with back in 2001.”

    He also got the chance to present a commander’s coin to a re-enactor playing President Lincoln.

    Commander Gary Schacher renders salute at Gettysburg.

    Department Commander Gary Schacher renders salute after laying a wreath at Gettysburg.

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