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  • Wednesday, July 13, 2016

    Close to Member Goal, Commander Says on Eve of Convention

    BINGHAMTON – New York State American Legion Commaner James Yermas told fellow legionnaires they should be proud of what they’ve accomplished this past year – including being close to reaching their statewide membership goal.

    More importantly, “I think we stopped the membersip decline,” Yermas said on the eve of the 98th Annual Department of New York Convention, which runs July 14 to 16 in Binghamton.

    Speaking at a dinner in his honor as his term nears an end, Yermas recalled the “great legionnaires” and members of the Auxiliary and Sons of the American Legion (SAL) he met during his visits to every county in the state.

    The dinner capped a day of pre-convention meetings. The convention is attracting members of the Legion, Auxiliary and SAL from across the state.