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  • Thursday, January 27, 2022

    Carrie Ahearn Is New Buffalo DSO

    Carrie L. Ahearn is making history as the new DSO for the Department’s Buffalo office (effective mid-February).

    Carrie L. Ahearn“She is the first female Department Service Officer in the Department’s history,” Department Adjutant James W. Casey noted. In addition, Carrie was the second woman to be honored as Department Service Officer of the Year (2020).”

    Carrie has been with Yates County Veterans Service Agency since December 2017. Her advice to vets seeking benefits: “I think every veteran should be in communication with a service officer” so that changes in life (marriage, divorce, children, health status) can be recorded in a timely manner.

    An Air Force veteran, Carrie was an aircraft structural maintenance journeyman, serving both stateside and abroad (Korea and Saudi Arabia). Carrie is a member of Johnson Costello Post 355 in Penn Yan. She and her husband, Sean, have been operating the Penn Yan Diner since 2012.