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  • Thursday, August 13, 2020

    Canada Legionnaires Observe Korean Armistice Anniversary

    Canadian members of the American Legion Department of New York took part in the 70th Anniversary Observance of the Korean Armistice on Sunday, Aug. 9. The observance took place at Spencer Smith Park, Burlington, Ontario.

    Participating Legionnaires included Canada County Commander Bob Winder, a U.S. Army veteran; Ron Zabroc, a U.S. Navy vet, and Robert Williams, a U.S. Navy vet.

    Korean Consul General Chung, Tae-in presented 70-year certificates to several veterans, including Zabroc. Zabroc also was awarded a plaque commemorating his service in the Korean War.

    Canada veterans

    Veterans receive 70-year certificates of appreciation from the Korean Consul General – Chung, Tae-in (at right). Legionnaire Ron Zabroc is third from right.