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  • Tuesday, July 30, 2019

    Hamburg and Rockland to Play for Championship

    NY Legon Baseball pic 8 nUTICA — The New York State American Legion Baseball Championship Tournament entered the semi-final rounds Tuesday, with Hamburg Post 527 and Rockland Pirates Post 130 advancing to Wednesday’s championship round.

    In the first game Hamburg Post 527 and Saugerties Post 72 held each other scoreless until the 5th inning when Hamburg leaped ahead with 3 runs, then scored another 3 in the 6th inning and added one more run in the top of the 7th. Saugerties finally scored 2 runs in the bottom of the 7th, but it wasn’t enough. Hamburg won, 7-2.

    In the second and final game of day 4 in the tournament, Rockland Pirates Post 130 remained undefeated, taking a 9-2 victory over Rayson-Miller Post 899. Rockland scored a run in the first inning, followed by Rayson-Miller getting a run in the second; then Rockand got a run in the third inning. But the 5th inning was the clincher, with Rockland rallying for 7 runs. Rayson-Miller came back in the top of the 7th with only one run.

    Rockland and Hamburg are scheduled to square off at 10 a.m. Wednesday at Murnane Field. If Hamburg wins, then the teams play a second game to determine the state champion. Undefeated Rockland, the 2018 champion, only needs to win once to retain the state title.