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  • Tuesday, December 15, 2015

    A Christmas Message That Rings True Today

    By James V. Yermas
    Department Commander

    ALBANY — It’s quite festive here at Department of New York Headquarters.

    The stockings were hung by the entrance with care. And flags and ornaments adorn the tree there.

    Christmas Tree

    Dept. Christmas Tree

    In fact, it’s lit up like a beacon proclaiming peace and joy.

    Despite the fact that we are engaged in a war on terror, it IS a joyous season.

    President Harry Truman thought so, too. Even with the Korean War breaking out in 1950, he took the time to extend Christmas greetings to all veterans. What’s interesting is he sent the letter to the commander of The American Legion as the representative of all U.S. military veterans.

    His words are worth repeating here, as my holiday message to you:


    In this joyous season, it gives me particular pleasure to send Christmas greetings to our veterans and their families everywhere.

    At Christmas, peace is uppermost in the minds of all Americans. I am convinced that events of the past year have made it clear that with faith to seek and determination to secure and maintain it, peace with freedom and justice can be firmly established on earth.”