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  • Wednesday, July 29, 2015

    4 Back-to-Back Games in Opening Round

    UTICA — The opening day of the New York State American Legion Baseball Championships featured four back-to-back games at Murname Field’s Donovan Stadium in Utica. The opening round went into the evening, with a hot sun beating down on most of the day’s play.

    West Seneca Post, Maine-Endwell Post, Brooks Shepard Post and Rockland OTB Pirates were the victors.


    West Seneca’s Nathan Kruger is safe at first after getting a hit in the first game of the tournament’s opening round. West Seneca triumphed over Clinton County, 16-2.

    Went Seneca barreled over Clinton County Mariners, 16-2, with a lot of good hits.

    Maine-Endwell edged Saratoga Stampede, 4-2.

    Brooks Shepard outlasted Ilion Post, 10-8, despite Ilion’s 8-4 lead.

    Rockland Pirates shut out Utica Post 229, 8-0.

    The games continue Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, with the championship round on Saturday.