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  • Monday, July 21, 2014

    $365,167 in Scholarships

    Education and Scholarship Chair John Murphy reported that information gleaned from the Consolidated Post Reports revealed that 131 posts awarded 2,112 scholarships worth $365,167 this past year, with 8,668 hours of volunteer service rendered.

    “These numbers are very impressive,” he said. “Continue to work hard and support our deserving students in the way that The American Legion has always done, and report all the good things you do!”

    Murphy also announced several department level scholarships:

    — The Dr. Hanna K. Vuolo $1,000 Scholarship went to Zachary Borden of Newport, Herkimer County.

    — The Albert M. Becker $1,000 Scholarship, given by the New York American Legion Press Association, went to Matthew Duggan of Buffalo.

    — The Samsung $1,100 Scholarship, awarded at Boys State, went to Michael Delaney of Fairview, Suffolk County.